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Pullman School District Board of Directors
About Board Meetings:

Board meetings are public meetings where elected officials discuss and take action on agenda items.


Can I Speak Before the Board?

Absolutely! Each Pullman School Board meeting agenda includes a "Public Comment" section. This is when the Board allows public comment. Here are some things to be aware of about public comment. By law:

  • The Board cannot discuss or act upon any visitor concerns that have not been publicly announced in the agenda.
  • The Board may limit the time, manner, and place of public comment. We accept all public comment during the "Public Comment" section of the agenda. Each individual speaker must sign in to speak, and may speak for up to 3 minutes during the public comment period, but the total length of the public comment period will not normally be limited. Individual speaker comments are timed to keep the process fair to all.
  • Any member of the public may address the Board. For example, there is no requirement that a speaker live in the Pullman school district or be a US citizen. However, all speakers are asked to provide their name and address so that speakers are accurately identified in the minutes.
  • The Board welcomes public comment and asks that your comments be civil and respectful to all.


Our Board Members

Jim Evermann

Jim Evermann
Director District No. 3 Term expires 2023
[email protected]
(509) 334-3041

  • Board Liaison for Franklin Elementary
  • Serves on the Finance Committee
  • Serves on the Safety Committee
Allison Munch-Rotolo

Allison Munch-Rotolo
Director District No. 2 Term expires 2023
[email protected]
(509) 334-5321

  • Board Liaison for Jefferson Elementary
  • Board Policy Representative
  • Serves on the District Sustainability Committee
  • Serves on the WSSDA Nominating Committee
Arron Carter

Arron Carter

Director District No. 1 Term expires 2023
[email protected]
(509) 339-3874

  • Board Liaison for Lincoln Middle School
Amanda Tanner

Amanda Tanner, Vice President
Director District No. 5 Term expires 2025
[email protected]
(509) 592-6425

  • Board Liaison for Sunnyside Elementary School
  • Serves on the Curriculum Advisory Council
  • Serves on the Wellness Committee
  • Serves as the Board WIAA Representative (2022-2023)
Nathan Roberts 

Nathan Roberts, President
Director District No. 4 Term expires 2025
[email protected]
(903) 818-0986

  • Board Liaison for Kamiak Elementary School
  • Board Liaison for Pullman High School
  • Board Policy Representative (Alternate)
  • Serves on the Finance Committee
  • Serves as the Board WIAA Representative (Alternate)
  • Serves as the Board Legislative Representative


Your feedback is important to us!

The best way to share your thoughts with the entire board is to email [email protected]

Please note that when an individual emails the entire board, the board president will respond on behalf of the board.